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Highest Quality Production

Hovie SUP is so stoked! After 40 years of hand crafting surf and water crafts, it makes us proud to say that almost all of our products are Hand Made in the USA. We have put together the most experienced craftsmen in the USA, to bring you the highest quality USA made SUP and Surf boards. The following is a break down of our manufacturing in three different areas: Race Boards, Performance Surf SUP’s, and our molded Touring Boards.

Race Boards:

All of our Comet Race boards are hand built in Huntington Beach CA by Epoxy Grand Master Craftsmen, T, aka, Terance Brandt, at his Flagship Composites headquarters. T has been hand laminating our epoxy SUP boards for over four years now. Start to finish, he puts more love and artistry into every board he crafts than anyone I have ever met in my 40 years of Surfboard manufacturing. Our boards are hand made from start to finish, using the highest quality epoxy resins, the latest new composite fabric materials that create Hovie SUP the lightest strongest EPS / Epoxy handmade boards anywhere in the world. From our perfect true shape jobs, to our true custom resin tint colors, pinpoint perfect laminations, and to tightest sand jobs you will ever find on a handmade Board… Our fit and finish is perfect…

Performance Surf SUP:

For 2016, we have brought back what we call, pure surf construction to the surf SUP. We build strong surf models that will hold up in extreme surf conditions. We have gone back to using a 3/16” bass wood stringer matched with a double layer of fiberglass top and bottom. We use Futures or FCS fin systems, and have a new simple but classic color design that stands out, but not that loud. Our Surf SUP are made in our Florida surfboard factory, with a crew on four craftsmen that have over 75 years of board building experience.

Touring Boards:

Hovie SUP has maintained a very strong relationship with two of the top quality oversea Surf and SUP board builders in the world for over 9 years now. Working with these partners, are are able to offer the highest quality SUP boards, and a very affordable price. They also have the ability to produce large orders at a much faster rate then our USA partners.