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About Us

Ready for the latest watersports craze?

Standup paddle boarding, or SUP for short, offers an unforgettable experience every member of the family can enjoy.

It’s like combining surfing with kayaking and…you’ve got SUP.

You don’t have to be an athlete…users of all sizes, ages and ability, or no ability at all, can have the time of their life!

But if you are athletically inclined, it’s an amazing full-body workout, improving your core strength, cardio fitness, balance, and flexibility with virtually no impact.

From intense full body workouts, to leisurely paddling across serene water, SUP fits your lifestyle.



Born of Hawaiian heritage, SUP is actually an ancient form of surfing. It was originally a convenient way for surf instructors to manage their large groups of surfers.

Standing on the board gave the instructors better visibility of the group and what was happening around them.

While the popularity of modern SUP began in Hawaii, people from all over Polynesia, Africa and Asia have fished standing up.

Little did they know SUP would become one of the fastest growing forms of water recreation in the world.

SUP is surging with gear sales up about 200% in the past year alone!

The Company

At Hovie SUP the “Waterman Lifestyle” has always been a way of life for our founders…

And Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the perfect extension of the “Waterman’s Lifestyle” as it brings balance and serenity into your life.

And that satisfying experience doesn’t happen by accident…

Under the leadership of Brian Hovnanian, Hovie SUP has been manufacturing SUP boards in the USA since 2007.

The Hovie SUP team has over 40 years of custom surfboard manufacturing experience and over 10 years of SUP board building.

Thanks to his experience in the yachting industry, we have developed the most functional SUP Paddle Board designs in the world.

The Products

Whether you’re touring with family or friends on long distance explorations, or you’re in fierce race competitions or SUP Surfing, Hovie SUP builds the perfect stand up paddle board for you.

Hovie believes in comfort and stability: this results in a positive experience in all water conditions. That’s why Hovie SUP builds a board for every facet of the sport…we know the water.


Hovie Products Include:

We specialize in Top Winning Race boards, Our all new Pure Surf construction – High Performance Surf Sup boards, Touring boards,  and Fishing SUP boards.

We use the most advanced construction methods; the highest quality Epoxy Resins with the most advanced high strength composite materials to build our SUP boards.

And, our devotion to the environment guides our continuous search for ECO friendly solutions and construction methods to assure a cleaner planet and safer place to surf and paddle.

Competitive Events



We’re proud to have one of the fastest Elite Paddle Teams in the world.

Our 1st place finishes grow every month, and we’re committed to raising the bar even higher with top speeds on the water. At the start of the year we have over 180 first place finishes with our Comet race boards!

The feedback from our team helps us improve every aspect of what you will want under your feet…when they and you win, we win.

OUr Mission

Hovie SUP is more than a stand up paddle board company; we’re an trusted organization proudly serving the SUP community.

“We don’t just produce boards, we help realize dreams.”

Each board we craft is designed to take you to places on the water you dream of and then beyond.

Our team members are dedicated to increasing enjoyment of the fastest growing watersport and to supporting and encouraging the ever-growing community of paddlers around the world.

Our Mission is simple:

We want a Hovie board to serve as inspiration not just on the water, but in your life, as well.

That’s why we’re happy to say our motto is: “HOVIESUP: Paddle For Life”