With over forty two years of surfboard building and eleven years of SUP manufacturing, using the finest Polyester and Epoxy Resins, as well as hand crafting foam cores of Polyurethane and EPS foam, Hovie SUP has gone back to the core of PURE SURF construction, wood stringered cores, airbrushed foam color designs and truly to top craftsman hand building our Performance Surf SUP models, Let us introduce the Hovie SUP “GT5”. This is our performance wave riding board, modeled after of squash tailed short board designs for surfing, thinner rails and center thickness for easy rail to rail turning, single barrel concave into a double barrel through the fins for added speed in the flats and through the turns. Five fin boxes so you can ride the board as a standard tri fin or Quad fin set up. Tri fin for large and hollow surf with great holding power, and the Quad for softer or lined up waves for quicker rail to rail turning. Stock sizes available, or, we can build you a custom board to the exact spec’s you desire… The GT5